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By Kyle on September 11, 2023

2023: The Comeback Year of the Dorado

2023 has seen dorado numbers in the Sea of Cortez return to their former glory. 

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s, Dorado were the predominant species targeted by anglers in Baja. During summer and fall months, you could count on seeing 30-50lb dorado congregating around floating objects and structure. It would be difficult to find a more exciting and cooperative sport fish. 

The decline and eventual prohibition of commercial sharking during summer months lead to a drastic decrease in commercial buoys. These buoys were used for harvesting sharks but also provided shelter for baitfish and structure for dorado to hunt. Back in the day you could cruise a line of shark buoys and hit twenty of them over 10-20 miles and find dorado at every third buoy, often jumbo bull dorado.

After 2000, either dorado stocks declined or they journeyed elsewhere. Although we did have sporadic dorado action throughout the 2000’s, it paled in comparison to earlier decades. 

The last three or four years we have seen an uptick in dorado action. This year the dorado were back in force, both in numbers and size. Hopefully, the trend continues and our guests can enjoy this superb gamefish as in the glory days.

We love talking dorado. Please contact us with any questions about dorado or any other inquiries about the Baja experience.

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