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By Kyle on February 8, 2024

Video Stoke Series || Vol. 12 - Fall Fishing in Mag Bay

Magdalena Bay is THE place to land a marlin on fly. This incredible fishery turns on in late October and runs through to January. During this time bait balls begin to form in the Pacific outside of Mag Bay. The Pacific comes to life; whales, marlin, sea lions, Dorado, tuna and a variety of mammals, fish and bird come to forage on the feast.

The fly fishing is fast and furious. Crashing birds signal the feeding frenzy sending boats racing to get in on the action. Anglers have the unique opportunity to site cast to feeding marlin as they attack schools of sardines and mackerel.

This is not a fishery for the light hearted or novice. Anglers must be able to cast large flies quickly on 12-14wt rods, and have the tenacity to land 100-200 lb. marlin on 80lb test.

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