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By James on November 29, 2022

FFM 2023 Season Availability - Book Now!

It’s hard to pick a bad month to go fish in Baja. There always seems to be something to catch in the sea of Cortez. People often ask “what’s the best time to fish Baja?” The quick answer is anytime you can. The question should be about what fish are you interested in targeting.

There are cold water standouts like sierra and yellowtail which you can expect during Winter months. As the water warms in late April, roosterfish and jacks begin to show up inshore and along the beaches, along with a smattering of dorado. When the heat turns on by late June, you have teams of dorado, billfish, and tuna showing up.

By Fall, the water is heated up and larger dorado, billfish and tuna take get the spotlight but there are still plenty of roosterfish around. So you tell me, “What’s the best time to fish in Baja?”

We are currently taking reservations for seven (7) night / six (6) fishing day and six (6) night /five (5) fishing day packages for our Spring (April-July) and Fall (Sept-Nov) 2023 fishing seasons. Packages start and/or end on Saturdays for the weeks listed below.

After an amazing first season operating out Magdalena Bay program, we are thrilled to announce the dates and details for next season. For more details and information about our Mag Bay Marlin program click here.

(UPDATED 4/18/2023)


Week 1 - Apr 29-May 6 (16 spots)
Week 2 - May 6-13 (1 spot)
Week 3 - May 13-20 (FULL)
Week 4 - May 20-27 (4 spots)
Week 5 - May 27-June 3 (14 spots)
Week 6 - June 3-10 (4 spots)
Week 7 - June 10-17 (6 spots)
Week 8 - June 17-24 (4 spots)
Week 9 - June 24-July 1 (4 spots)
Week 10 - July 1-7 (18 spots)
Week 11 - July 8-15 (FULL)
Week 12 - July 15-22 (18 spots)


Week 1 - Sept 23-30 (14 spots)
Week 2 - Sept 30-Oct 6 (18 spots)
Week 3 - Oct 7-14 (FULL)
Week 4 - Oct 14-21 (16 spots)
Week 5 - Oct 21-28 (18 spots)
Week 6 - Oct 28-Nov 4 (18 spots)

If you are interested in learning more about our program or making a reservation, please feel free to contact us at or call us at 541-601-9632 for more details.

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