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Bahia de los Suenos

Baja, Mexico

Travel information

Traveling to Bahia de los Suenos, guests fly into La Paz (LAP), Mexico or San Jose Del Cabo (SJD). Most Airlines have frequent service into SJD. Flights from Los Angeles to SJD are typically about a 2 hours. Flights into La Paz (LAP) are limited but available.

Once you arrive, FFM ground transportation can be arranged for commercial van transportation to Bahia de Los Suenos. Numerous car rental agencies are also available at the airport. The ride from the LAP airport is about 45 minutes, and 2 hours from SJD.

It is important to coordinate your flights with the rest of your group as the transfer will take the entire party to and from the airport based on your fligths.


You must have a valid U.S. passport to enter Mexico. This will be used to obtain your Mexican Tourist Card. Keep your copy of your tourist card with you during your stay. No inoculations are required. Retain tourist card at all times when in Mexico and for return to officials upon departure.

Parental consent for minors

Mexican law requires that any non-Mexicancitizen under the age of 18 departing Mexico must carry notarized written permission from any parent or guardian not traveling with the child to/from Mexico. This permission must include the name of the parent, the name of the child, the name of anyone traveling with the child, and the notarized signature(s) of the absent parent(s). The State Department recommends that the permission should include travel dates, destinations, airlines and a brief summary of the circumstances surrounding the travel. The child must be carrying the original letter – not a facsimile or scanned copy – as well as proof of the parent/child relationship (usually a birth certificate or court document) and an original custody decree, if applicable. Travelers should contact the Mexican Embassy or closest Mexican Consulate for current information.

Air Travel Rules and Regulations

Before your departure we encourage you to review the current government and regulations for Air Travel. Current government rules can be found on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) web site:

Mexico customs allows 2 cameras, 4 rods, and 4 reels per person upon entering Mexico.

You should also visit the web site of your air carrier(s) to confirm their current rules for carry-on and checked baggage. The rules and regulations are continually updated and should be checked prior to your departure date.

Ground Transportation

Airport Shuttle Information & Rates

Accommodations and Meals

Guests are housed in luxury villas, in an ideal setting, on the Bay of Dreams (Bahia

de los Suenos). Rooms are well appointed master King suites or double Queen Suites each with their own private bath. Rooms share Jacuzzi and pool access, only steps to a private white sand beach with adjacent reef for snorkeling or fishing. Kayaks and stand up paddle boards are also available on request. A weight room and tennis court is available on property as well as spa treatment on request. Guest may also fish on the beach in front of the property which holds roosterfish and a variety of inshore species.

A full breakfast and lunch and dinner are available in the restaurant from 7 am for non-angling guests. Anglers will have breakfast served in the restaurant and lunches will be packed on board boats. A boxed breakfast can also be prepared for an early day of fishing.

Dinner is from 7-9pm with 3 choices of main course, appetizer and desert. Please be sure to share with us your dietary restrictions and allergies prior to your trip so the cooks can accommodate your needs.

What to expect for Anglers

A normal fishing day starts with breakfast servedat 6:30 in the restaurant or brought on board in the cooler with lunch. Pangas arrive on the beach in front of the Villas at 7:00-8:00 am where guests board. When available, bait is caught and loaded onto pangas. A bait boat is hired to expedite the netting process, and a full day bait cost on average $60 per boat per day, depending on availability and location.  The days fishing plan is discussed with your Captain and boats head out to fish. Most fishing is within 15 miles of the lodge including the beach in front. Fishing usually wraps up in the early afternoon and guests are dropped on the beach in front of the villas. Half day evening fishing can also be arranged from panga or fishing from the beach. Kayaks are also available and a good option for inshore and beach fishing.

Gran Sueno, Bahia de los Suenos, Villas, beach front, flyfish Mexico

What to expect Guests

Breakfast and lunch and dinner is in the restaurant at your leisure. For a list of side, day trips and spa treatments, please consult host for options and prices.


A full restaurant and bar is available on site. Alcohol and beer can also be purchased from town via Captains or host. Please have cash available.


It is not advised to drink the water from the faucet at the lodge. Bottled water is available from the lodge, and is provided in the rooms daily. Boats are stocked with water and additional beverages can be provided upon request.


Temperatures typically range from the low 80’s to 100 degrees. Isolated afternoon thunder-showers are rare but a possibility year round. Wind can be factor while fishing and the sun is very strong. Be prepared with water resistant sun block.


Clothing should allow you to layer down during the day. Mornings are often cool. Rain/splash gear can add to your comfort. Polarized sunglasses are a must. Sun protective clothing and hats are recommended.


The official currency of Mexico is the Peso. However, US dollars are preferred for staff and guide gratuities. Please bring appropriate denominations. Credit Cards are accepted in the restaurant for outside drinks and food, but gratuities are preferred paid in cash.

Power and Communications

There is Wi-Fi and satellite TV for guests to enjoy during their stay. No electrical converters are required during your stay.

The house does not have a guest phone however for emergency your host can arrange to have you use his Mexican Cell phone onsite. US cellular phones should work but please check with your provider before departing the US to avoid expensive roaming charges. Facetime through Wi-Fi or WhatsApp are a good consideration for calling home.


Laundry service is available for a small fee.

Environmental Dangers

The Property at Gran Sueno is very well maintained and managed to keep insects out. Baja, Mexico is a desert environment so the bugs are a little different. Occasionally desert creatures show up in search of water or food, and can be avoided by staying on established pathways. Landscaping on the premises is well maintained and managed, although watering can introduced some mosquitos. A personal bug repellent is a pre cautionary consideration.

As with any beach, swimmers should check for jellyfish and rays before entering the water.

Your worst enemy is the sun so be sure and bring a large hat, sun block, lip balm, and sun protective clothing coverage!

Medical Facilities

Fidepaz is the best hospital in La Paz for tourists. Cabo San Lucas also has medical facilities.

The lodge will take every effort to ensure your safety while you are a guest at the Lodge. However, outdoor activities of this nature are not entirely ‘risk free’. The lodge recommends investing in travel and/or medical evacuation insurance.


Captains like to be tipped on a daily basis. We recommend about $60-$100 per boat per day for a satisfactory day of fishing..

 Suggested tip for the lodge staff $3-$5 a day per room.

Shuttle driver $25-$50 per van each direction.

Meals are included in the package price, but restaurant gratuity, outside snacks and alcohol is not. We recommend 10$ per customer per day, for restaurant gratuity, plus any additional bar or restaurant charges.


Lodging, fishing and meals.

Not Included

Airfare, ground transportation, bait, alcohol, fishing license, staff and guide gratuities. Bait on average cost $60 per boat per day, depending on availability. Rod/reel rental is available at $40US /day.


Fly fishing in saltwater can be extremely tough on gear. Having fishing tackle that is well suited for the environment and species is key to a successful trip. Having back up for rod, lines and reel is highly recommended. If you do not have the necessary gear for fishing Baja, top quality rental gear is available on site. Below is a list of suggested tackle and gear for fly fishing the East Cape of Baja and beyond.

Beulah Sombrero
Beulah Sombrero


5 Essential Things To Bring For Your Trip


Single hand 9 foot fly rods suggested for boat fishing. A fighting grip and butt is suggested for larger wt rods. Two hand overhead fly rods can also be effective while blind casting or teasing fish from the beach.

8 and 9 wt - For use beach or inshore for small to medium species up to 20 lbs

10 wt- For use beach or boat fishing inshore and offshore. This is probably the most useful size rod fly fishing Baja, for both casting and fighting capabilities

12wt – For use off shore fishing for larger species like Marlin, tuna and bull Dorado. A cast able 12 wt. can also be useful beach fishing for Grande roosterfish.

13/15 wt – For large Marlin and Tuna


Size should be matched to line capacity for dedicated rod. For Inshore fishing, reels should have minimum 250 yards backing of 40-80lb tensile strength, Offshore minimum 300-450 yards of 60-80lb. backing, we prefer gel spun backing. A sturdy, water proof drag is advised.

Fly Lines

Integrated shooting heads are the most useful line for fishing Baja. They load rods quickly and can power larger flies comfortably.

We suggest having a full sink and surface set up:

Top water- clear intermediate sink tip, full intermediate, or floating lines

Down Deep- Full sinking integrated line, with strong 30lb plus core strength.

 Tippet- 12, 16, 20, 30, 25, 40 and 60lb

Leaders- Tapered to class tippet or hand tied tapered leader stepped down, attached with blood knots or double surgeons knot. Bite guard used when necessary


The primary bait fish are sardines, ballyhoo, mackerel, ladyfish, green jacks, skipjack and squid.

Bait fish flies are tied on 2/0-3/0 hooks depending on size of bait and fish species.

 Squid Flies – Tied on 4/0 – 6/0 hooks, Squid popper tied with lead hook #6/0 and stinger 2/0-4/0

Commercially tied Flies- Sardine pattern- Kinky muddler, Charlie’s airhead, EP sardine imitations, Hoo fly, Bledzos crease fly

Small bait fish patterns- deceivers, clouser minnows, shrimp

Large bait patterns- EP mullet patterns (tan/wht), Hollow tie mullet, kinky muddler flying fish patterns (blue/wht)

Marlin-sailfish- Cam Sigler poppers pink/wht or blue/wht

For fly tying instruction, see videos here.

Fishing accessories

Fishing bag


Leader material 12,16,20,30,40,80 lb fluorocarbon

Cutting nips



Sun protection

Medical tape for strip finger protection

Small first aid kit

Wind breaker rain jacket

Waterproof bag


Insect repellent

Deck shoes or flip flops

Guides Choice

Guides minimum set up for a day of panga fishing: I fish with 2 x10 wt set ups and at least 1x 12wt set up:

Rods-10 wt rods (2)

Reel- (2) loaded with 350 yards gel spun backing

Lines- clear intermediate tip integrated shooting head line and 2nd reel with full sink integrated shooting head line

Leader: butt section 3-4’ 40lb fluorocarbon tied with blood knot to 20 or 30lb class leader 5-7’.

Rod- 12wt

Reel- 350-450 yards gel spun backing plus spare spool.

Fly Fishing Baja Equipment list

Packing List:

 Rods Long Sleeve Shirts Water Bottle
Reels Short Sleeve Shirts Lens Cleaner
Leaders Quick Dry Shorts Camera
Flies Quick Dry Long Film
Line cleanerPants Extra batteries
Clippers/line cutters Fishing Hats Plane Tickets
Pliers Lightweight Rain Travel Cash
KnifeJacket Visa
Stripping Guards/Tape Sun Gloves Passport
---------------- Bandannas Sun Screen!
Fanny pack Hip Pack Lip Balm
Wading Socks Waterproof boat Liquor if desired
Bug spraybag Snorkel mask and
Toiletries (shampoo, etc) Polarized glassesfins if desired
Universal adaptor Snacks (nuts, Cliff bars, etc)
Reel lubricant Bathing Suit
  Boat Shoes/Sandals 
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