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By James on April 23, 2021

5 Essential Things to Pack for Your Trip

The key to any successful destination fly fishing trip is knowing what you need to bring and making sure you pack it into your luggage. We came up with a list of 5 essential things to pack that will make your trip more enjoyable and rewarding.

#1 Passport and Fishing License
Be sure that your passport is valid for the dates of your trip and that you have copies (digital or print) of all other necessary travel documents and buy, and print, your Mexico fishing license online prior to your trip. Purchase Fishing License Here! Note: the website charges pesos, not US dollars.

#2 Flies
For a full week of fishing bring a minimum of 4 dozen flies in a variety of sizes and colors.

• Sardinas - 24-30 flies in size 2/0-4/0 hooks and 3"-6" long in tan/white, grey/white, and olive/white
• Clousers - 6 flies in size 1/0 hooks in chartreuse/white
• Billfish Poppers - 1-2 flies in size 4/0-8/0 hooks and 8"-10" long in pink/white or blue/white

#3 Leaders
Bring 25 yard spools each of fluorocarbon in 20#, 30#, and 40#. We are fans of Seaguar line but any quality brand will do.

#4 Rod, Reel, and Line Outfits
We recommend that you bring at least three rod and reel outfits to tackle the various species we encounter in Baja. Back-up rods and spare reel spools for different lines are recommended. Here are our outfit recommendations.

• A 9 wt. with floating and clear intermediate sink tip lines and 150 yards of 60# backing for small roosters, jacks, and pompano.
• A 10 wt. with clear intermediate sink tip lines and full sink line,350 yards of 60# backing for large dorado, roosterfish and jacks.
• A 12 wt. intermediate sink tip, and full sink lines with 350-500 yards of 60#+ backing for billfish, dorado, and tuna.

#5 Fishing Accessories and Clothing
The Baja environment is often times hot and humid and it's essential to plan and prepare to maximize your comfort while fishing in these conditions. We highly recommend packing the following items.

• Polarized sunglasses for various sun conditions
• Sun block
• Large brimmed hat
• Buff or hooded sun shirt
• Sun shirts
• Sun pants
• Bug repellent
• Waterproof bag or backpack
• Nippers and pliers
• Footwear to protect feet when walking on hot sand and boat decks

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