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Hello and thank you for fishing with us in La Paz this summer. Below is a list of what to bring items and gear suggestions for fishing in Baja.


Sundries: Sun protection: sun block, hat, long sleeve shirts, pants, lightweight protective gloves, tropical wading boots, wet wading socks.

Rods: Fast action rods 8-11wt.

Reels: should have a stout drag system corrosion resistant and have at least 150 yard capacity for 30-50lb backing.

Fly Lines: Wt forward floating, floating w/clear sink tips, intermediate sink clear, sink tip, shooting heads. I use SA Tarpon clear intermediate (for target shooting) and SA tropic express (for rocks)

Leaders: 8-20lb fluorocarbon, bite guard 40lb flouro (optional).

GEAR - FLIESFlies: Sardine patterns, Deceivers, Clouser, EP flies, Poppers , Gummy Minnows, Shrimp & Krill patterns.

Off Shore fishing for pelagic species; billfish, Dorado, Tuna, Skipjack and a variety of other species, takes place within 1-20 miles of shore. Commercial panga fisherman anchor buoys offshore with baited hooks for the sharking industry, these provide shelter for bait fish and attract predator fish. Hook-less teasers are trolled from buoy to buoy to attract fish, once at the buoys, live sardines are used to chum up any fish in the area and bring them within casting range. Captains are instructed to have the boat in neutral or off when fishermen are casting to fish.


Sundries: Sun protection: sun block, hat, long sleeve shirts, pants, lightweight protective gloves and boat shoes.

Rods: Fast action rods 10-14wt.

Reels: sturdy drag systems, corrosion resistant, with capacity to hold 300-600 yards 30-50lb backing.

GEAR - Kinky Muddler

Kinky Muddler

Fly Lines: Clear intermediate sink, sink tip, shooting heads, full sink.

Leaders: 12-20lb class flourocarbon, 80lb (billfish), 40lb (dorado) flourocarbon bite guard.

Flies: Sardine patterns(blue, olive or grey over white), Deceivers, Clouser (chartreuse), EP flies (blue, olive or grey over white), Poppers, Crease flies, Gummy Minnows, Billfish Poppers (pink/white).

For fly tying instruction, see video below.