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Mag Bay is a trip for the adventurous  and has some of the most exciting fly fishing on the planet. You know when you are catching roosterfish from the beach as a back up plan, you are in an amazing place. Marlin are definitely the main show in Mag Bay but there are so many more fish to chase. It is not unheard of to catch marlin , dorado, roosterfish and halibut in the same day, and still have time to suck down some fresh oysters.J

Mag Bay has a short window when the conditions are good and the fishing epic. We have some availability still open during this time, come join the fun.

(UPDATED 2/8/24)

2024 DATES
Week 1 - November 2nd-8th 4 Rods Available
Week 2 - November 9th-15th 0 Rods Available
Week 3 - November 16th-22nd 0 Rods Available
Week 4 - November 23rd-29th 8 Rods Available
Week 5 - November 30th-December 6th 4 Rods Available
Week 6 - December 7th-15th 8 Rods Available
Week 7- December 16th-22nd 8 Rods Available

If you are interested in learning more about this amazing new fly fishing opportunity or would like to confirm dates please contact us.

The word is out! The roosterfish have already began to show up in the Muertos area. The Captains have even reported a couple Grande roosterfish a the Island. The water temps are fickle and warm spots have brought in some dorado while a the same time yellowtail are still lurking lower down in cooler water. Variety is indeed the spice of life.

Although fishing is the main attraction at Bahia De Los Suenos, there are many side adventures for family members who don't need to fish all the time. Contact us if you are interested in booking for the 2023 season.

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If you want to see another side of Baja, come in the fall. The fall season in Baja is marked by the change from a dry, brown desert to a butterfly-filled, lush, green landscape. At sea, the seasonal storms have subsided and a variety of species have moved into the area. September and October are great months to fish Baja. On the Sea of Cortez side, roosterfish, dorado, jacks, billfish and tuna can all be expected. The dorado and marlin are generally larger and more abundant in fall months. On the Pacific side, bait balls begin to form from Magdalena Bay to Cabo San Lucas. Marlin, dorado and a variety of pelagic species are attracted by the abundance of bait. The fishing is explosive. 

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2023 is off to a great start in Baja! There are excellent bait stocks at the island. Captains have been seeing Dorado all season long, along with Yellowtail, Sierra, and Tuna during winter months. There have also been some small Roosterfish inshore. The background is set for another amazing season fishing for Roosterfish and a variety of other species throughout the Summer and Fall.

Although fishing is the main attraction at Bahia De Los Suenos, there are many side adventures for family members who don't need to fish all the time. Contact us if you are interested in booking for the 2023 season.

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Our inaugural 2022 season fly fishing for Marlin in Magdalena Bay on Baja's pacific coastline has been nothing less than spectacular! It's been a mind blowing experience to approach these incredible fish as they bust bait balls at the surface. Casting to Marlin at close range and watching them crush your fly is a heart pounding experience for any angler. We hope you enjoy this short video clip and consider joining us to see what all the hype is about. We will be releasing more incredible video footage over the next couple months on our You Tube Channel so be sure to subscribe to catch our most current video productions.

Our friends and partners at Red's Fly Shop put together a great video walk through of tips, flies and gear for Baja's Roosterfish from their most recent trip with us at Fly Fish Mex. Roosterfish are a fabulous gamefish - big, strong and beautiful! To make the most out of your trip we highly recommend checking out this video to familiarize yourself with some of the basics of fly fishing for Roosterfish. Thanks Red's!!

Thank you to all of those adventurous anglers and guests who journeyed south to fish with the FFM team in Baja during our 2022 Summer Season. It was a great compliment to see so many familiar faces return to fish with us and an honor to host new ones. It was an incredible season and we were all thrilled to share our amazing part of the world with you. Check out our "best of 2022" compilation video on Youtube below.

They say variety is the spice of life. If that's true, our summer season in Baja was a spicy one. Each week felt like a new wave of species blew into town and the selection of fish species to target kept on coming. In the early season we saw a good amount of golden trevalle and rainbow blue runners along with the to be expected roosterfish and jacks. As the season progressed, a brief flurry of tuna, sierra and bonita appeared and provided us with lot of fun action. Several of these fish are cooler water species which signaled that the normal summer water temperatures could be cooler than expected.

Roosterfish were around all season but they were extra picky and catching them was sporadic. There were a handful of standout fish in the 60-70 pound range and plenty of fish in the 15-30 pound range.

By late June the water temps finally warmed up and we had some really good offshore action with grande dorado and marlin. It has been quite a few years since we have seen dorado in the 40-50 pound class with the consistency and numbers we had this year.

The sardine stocks were good all season which kept the big game trolling the shorelines and deep inshore ledges looking for easy meals. With so many sardines around we used less bait and used more teasers to draw fish within fly casting range.

Again, a huge thank you to all the guests who journeyed down to fish with us so this season! If you are interested in booking for 2023 dates, contact us or view 2023 season availability here. Stay tuned for more on our new Mag Bag Marlin program!

Fly Fishing for Marlin was the surprise highlight of our 2021 May-July fishing season on Baja's East Cape. We were fortunate to capture some amazing footage and memories of hook-ups and epic battles. This is one of our favorite compilations of Margaret working her marlin magic.

We're still working out a few final details but we're so excited about our new Pacific Marlin program that we couldn't resist sharing a short glimpse of what we have on tap for November 2022. Stay tuned for more on this exciting fishery coming soon. In the meantime, you can view some of the heart pounding action that we witnessed during our November 2021 scouting sessions.

Before fully shifting gears to our 2022 season, we had to take a few looks back at some of the incredible moments we captured during our last season. We are grateful for the opportunity to share such special fishing adventures with our friends and guests each season. We can't wait to get back on the water! Watch this short compilation to get you through to your next fishing session on the horizon.

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