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Magdalena Bay and Pacific weather can be cooler in the mornings, turning to warm sunny days. A layered approach is best using compactable, quick drying and SPF materials. Light rain gear is also advised for the occasional splash. 

APPAREL: Layered clothing

•Bathing suit, quick dry base layer, rain pants, compactable rain jacket or windbreaker

•Boat shoes

•Polarized sunglasses

•Hat, buff 

•Sunblock, SPF hoody 

•Waterproof gear bag


•Fly Rods (4 pp allowed): 9-14wt 

•Fly Reels (4 pp allowed): Sturdy with a 4” diameter or bigger for offshore, with 400 plus meters backing #70lb or better

•Tippet material: 20, 30, 40, 80 lb fluorocarbon

•Leaders: straight 80 lb or tied with class tippet/80 lb bite guard


-Estuary and beaches: clousers, baitfish, shrimp patterns

-Offshore: Blue/white, tan/white, pink/white deceivers, 6-10”, 5/0-8/0 hooks

-Baitfish patterns 4”-6”, 2/0-4/0


•Mexico Sport Fishing license

•Camera (2 pp allowed)

•Gear bag, waterproof

If you have questions about this or any other Baja-related fishing question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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