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By James on June 10, 2013

Roosterfish Report Baja 2013

If size matters, you should be here this week. Larger roosterfish have moved into the area including some absolute monsters. Margaret Shaughnessy hooked fought and landed a 70lb plus roosterfish that is a pending world record breaking all previously records both men and women. The fish took 3 hours 40 minutes to land was weighed measured and safely released to swim again. Wow! She caught the fish with Beulah Fly Rods new 10 wt “nano” rod due out in early 2014. Fish in the 30 to 60lb range are becoming common in spots with the 15-30 lb fish still filling in the numbers to make it a full day of fishing. Overall it has been the best roosterfish season I have seen in over 25 years. Dorado are all of sudden everywhere, mostly chicken size with the occasional 15-30 lb fish mixed in. Schools of ballyhoo are stacking up on the shores enticing dorado inshore and we are casting at a couple everyday while playing with the roosterfish. There are reports of some marlin being taken on bait, but the guests have been focused on roosterfish and we haven’t headed offshore yet to investigate. The water is warming up and we should see some good offshore action in the next week.

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