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By James on July 26, 2018

Baja Fishing Report Spring 2018

The 2017/2018 Season in Baja showed Baja fishing in all its glory. Good stocks of bait including sardines up to 6 inches, mackerel, skip jack and ladyfish attracted a huge variety and large numbers of sport species to the East Cape region of Baja.

By late June 2017, sardines schools started to appear between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose. The schools continued to proliferate up the East Cape and into the Sea of Cortez. Bringing with them awesome fishing. By October the Isla Ceralvo area was wide open for roosterfish, tuna and a variety of other species. The sardine schools held up through the windy winter months and were there to greet us in early May. Some tuna had wintered over as well and kept guests busy all spring. Most tuna were in the 20-40lb range, with some jumbos mixed in.


The inshore fishing was on fire as well. Roosterfish, dorado and jacks were abundant for most of May. Some BIG roosterfish were landed this spring, including one estimated @90lbs (sorry no pics). The Dorado, at times, were coming right to the beach and one was even landed on fly from the sand. African pompano also added to the action inshore.


The fishing action slowed temporarily just prior to and during Hurricane Bud, but turned right back on afterward. The storm also dispersed the larger sized sardine schools and left behind clouds of smaller sardines which spread up and down the Island and along coastal beaches.

The outlook is excellent for the fall season; Sardines stocks are good and tuna have continued to grow and provide action through summer.

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