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By James on May 28, 2013

Fish report October 2013

It is turning out to be one of the best and most consistent years for roosterfish in recent history. Fair and consistent weather and a slow but steady climb in water temperatures have all contributed to happy fish. The good supplies of sardines haven’t hurt either. What a contrast to last year.

A group of incredibly fun and friendly Ukraine and Russian fisherman and family braved the 32 hr journey to experience Baja and chase roosterfish. We fished 6 days and had boats landing multiple roosterfish daily. Roosterfish ranged from 15 -40lbs, most in the 20-30lb range, with boats taking 2-6 fish a day. One of the guests set out to catch a variety of species and landed 9 before he was done. We could have had a few more but the fishing was concentrated in areas where roosterfish roam.

There was a little pressure coming from the south but nothing that couldn’t be avoided. Apparently the bait and fishing in Los Barilles  is scant and boats are coming up the coast to fish for a few hour. This has put down the fish at times with the drone of motors and sometimes to close for comfort technique.

The Captains see our sardines flying and roosters  crashing and can’t resist crashing the party. Around here, a traffic jam is anything over 4 boats and we managed to find our own water by being first and last on the scene. This tactic actually enhanced the fishing with late afternoon action being the best. Whether due to the afternoon high tide, or letting the water settle, we found more fish late. There are plenty of skipjack and jack crevalles , to keep a change of pace and even a pompano or two, but roosterfish are still the fish dujour. Dorado and sails are starting to show offshore, stay tuned for next week when we head out a little deeper.

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