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By James on September 15, 2021

Thank You for Supporting Miseal!

Miseal is back in action!

At the end of July our great friend and on-site videographer Miseal Felix contracted Covid-19. He became very ill which ultimately landed him in the hospital ICU for several weeks breathing through a ventilator. We are happy to report, that outside of loosing his sense of taste and smell, Miseal is back on his feet and recovering well. From all of us in the Fly Fish Mex family, "Thank you for your help!" and contributions to help offset the cost of Miseal's medical expenses. The following is a letter from Miseal that he wanted to share with our guests.

Like many young children I grew up thinking action superheros like Batman, Captain America, Superman, and Iron Man were actually real and that they appeared out of no where to help people in trouble. What I never imagined was that I might need a superhero to help save me in real life some day. When that day of need came for me a few months ago heros did not arrive in colorful caped costumes like in the comic books. However, to my surprise, heros did show showed up dressed as normal people who cared for a friend in need. They say there are no words to describe how grateful a person can be when they receive the blessing of a second chance at life. All I can say is THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to all of those who helped me get me through the hard times of Covid. For that I am forever grateful! You guys don't have the heart of a chicken, you have the heart of a ROOSTER!

Your friend forever,

Miseal Felix

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